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Pilot Takes To The Skies With Bird Flocks

Heel erg gaaf.

They say birds of feather flock together and these birds are no exception as they take to the skies with a microlight pilot they believe to be their mother.

Christian Moullec has been dubbed the ‘birdman’ for his extraordinary relationship with birds and as this breathtaking footage shows, the 58-year-old loves nothing more than sharing his passion with others – taking people up on his microlight and encouraging them to reach out and touch the birds mid-flight.

Christian, from Cantal in France, first starting flying with birds back in 1995 in a bid to migrate them to areas where they were well protected and stop their numbers declining.

Since then, he has dedicated his life to raising and training orphaned geese and helping birds on the brink of extinction.

The Meaning of 2:01:39: With His Berlin Masterpiece, Eliud Kipchoge Has Brought the Era of World Record Chases to a Close

Een interessante bespiegeling die volgt op het fabelachtige wereldrecord van Kipchoge in Berlijn: de rek is er nu wel uit. Met gelukkig ook de terechte toevoeging dat dat niets afdoet aan de (stads)marathon als fascinerende topsport.

Character Work

Adolescentie. Een nachtmerrie, maar toch ook weer niet.